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The Worchester Chronicles Book 1: A Fragmented Land Unites

Dennis Hunt

Out of the chaos of war emerges a new and inspired people. As their power grows so does their legend. Before long the welfare of the old peoples of this land rests with this new and innovative culture. As the Vikings push for total dominance of Britannia only the English from the city of Worchester stand in their way.
One young man must lead the fight in this fictional tale of Angles, Vikings, Picts and Celts.

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My pride, joy and greatest achievement is being married and raising four beautiful children. 

My day job is to work as a mining engineer. As a career this has given me opportunities to live and work around the world and significantly around Australia.

When the children were young, there was nothing I liked more than bedtime, when I could sing them a song and read them a story. This is my chance to create them a story and add to the wonder.