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The Original - World at War

Dennis Hunt

It is the 12th century, and the world is a dangerous place. The Khan with the Golden Horde are marching through village after village, killing their way across Asia and into Europe. There are empires such as the Ottoman and Holy Roman Empires seeking to expand their influence and there are ruthless leaders suppressing their people with utter brutality.
Whether you are a little person or a powerful person, it is not safe to live in this world. There are no safe havens, no peaceful corners.
However, there is one boy who offers hope. A wild child who grows up free and adventurous in the mountains behind his remote village. A boy with a desire to fight. A boy with such determination and courage that, as he grows, he begins to bind the warring peoples of the earth together.
The Original - World at War is the story of Courtier, a man from the small village of Utelle, a village up in the toes of the European Alps mountain range. Be it fate or the will of God, Courtier finds himself in the fight of his life to save his loved ones. This fight ends up defining him and his family's fate and, over his lifetime, shapes the world as we know it today.

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My pride, joy and greatest achievement is being married and raising four beautiful children. 

My day job is to work as a mining engineer. As a career this has given me opportunities to live and work around the world and significantly around Australia.

When the children were young, there was nothing I liked more than bedtime, when I could sing them a song and read them a story. This is my chance to create them a story and add to the wonder.