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The Man Who Flew the Amerika Bomber 

John Fuller Ryan

The Man Who Flew the Amerika Bomber is a military-historical thriller, based on actual events of World War II, as experienced by a progressively disillusioned Luftwaffe pilot. The action moves across the entire landscape of the war in Europe, relating the experiences of Max von Waldberg, an aristocratic Austrian aviator drafted to fly for Germany after the Nazis annexed Austria.

Treachery, mystery, intrigue and romance combine in a suspense-filled reading experience that will appeal to World War II aficionados, readers of historical fiction and those who enjoy tales of spy craft and espionage.

The Spanish Civil War, the conquests of Poland and France, the Battle of Britain and desperate German attempts to support surrounded troops at Stalingrad are intertwined with a compelling love story. The reader flies with Max as it becomes clear to him that the pernicious Nazi myth of superiority is false, and he must come to terms with things he has done in the name of an evil regime. Finally, Max rebels against his superiors, and therein lies the tale.

A few miles from the picturesque Owls Head lighthouse on the rugged coast of Maine, a persistent local rumor has it that an experimental German bomber lies deep in the ocean at the bottom of Penobscot Bay. Is that aircraft out there, or is it not? If it is, how did it get there? This novel proposes an imagined answer.

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John Fuller Ryan has a lifelong interest in World War II. He holds a Master's Degree with fifty additional credit hours in history.

John was fortunate, given his interests, to have been sent to Germany during military service in the early '60s. Among those Ryan met in Europe were Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe veterans, who he is afraid he hounded ceaselessly for details of their service. Many of the authentic ‘soldier-slang' terms used in the novel, as well as the author's understanding of soldiers' attitudes as the war progressed, stem from this period.

Mr Ryan's interest in the period continued throughout his career as an educator and persists to this day. John has published articles based on veteran interviews for World War II-oriented publications, outlining the experiences of German, American and Soviet combatants. He has also written two commercially successful nonfiction books dealing with transportation logistics during the war.