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The Flame of Amun

Mike Cotton

Ancient Egypt is divided. The Hyksos nominally rule from the Delta in the north and unrest stirs in upper Egypt. The princes in Thebes strive for a united Egypt once more. Further south still they fear there could be a threat from Nubia. Young Prince Inyotef is caught up in the turmoil and unaware of the part he will play in his country's liberation. It will come at a cost, but along the way he will find Yunet, the love of his life and friends to last a lifetime, but there are enemies nearer home too. To help him he is aided by Ineni and his ship The Eye of Horus. There is also Inyotef's sword, the Flame of Amun and his prowess with the bow. Despite everything, love is stronger than hate and with that guiding Inyotef, and with his belief in Egypt's deities protecting him, he will survive.

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Mike has had a life-long interest in Ancient Egypt and was lucky enough to be asked to teach it at evening classes for many years. He used to work in a research lab to pay the bills, but Ancient Egypt and his interest in photography, wildlife and classic cars now occupy the leisure hours. He is happily married and now retired with more time to pursue his writing and other interests.