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The Autumn Murders

S.J. Ridgway

Autumn 1888, the time of the Whitechapel Murders when five women, all prostitutes, are murdered in a similar manner, and in some cases, their bodies mutilated. It is the most unsolved murder mystery with the serial killer responsible being given the name of Jack the Ripper.

The file on the murders remain dormant for over a hundred years. That is, until Detective Superintendent Cadema Sharma sends DC Marriott to the police archives for a file on the Belton case she is reinvestigating. During his search, Marriott discovers an old wooden trunk containing a blooded dress and some notebooks which suggest they are linked to the Whitechapel murders.

With the Belton case finally solved, Cadema reopens the investigation on the Whitechapel murders. She and her team, using current investigation skills, assisted by up to date forensic technology, attempt to piece together the evidence.

There are tensions within the team which Cadema must manage along with her own insecurities, as the truth of the investigation emerges.

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S.J. Ridgway was previously head of studies in the NHS. With a degree in biology, she applies her interests in genetics and criminology to writing crime fiction. Her husband, a retired CID officer, acts as a resource together with a network of professionals in this arena. Visiting close relatives in Australia and New Zealand triggers plots for stories. She is a member of several writing groups, and gives talks on writing crime fiction. As the second novel in the series, a third one is currently being planned. She volunteers in health-related organisations, and uses social media for networking purposes.