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Templars Twain

John Walker

In year 1307, King Philippe IV decided to crush the Knights Templar, the Christian military order so prominent in medieval society. Officially, it was to rid France of heresy and devil worshippers; those in the king's inner circle, however, knew Philippe, deep in debt, wanted to lay claim to the Templars' vast wealth.
The young Templar Michel Jouhé and his senior commander managed to flee the clutches of the king's men, and after a long, arduous journey they arrived at the stronghold of the Teutonic Order in Prussia, safe at last.
Seven hundred years later, in London, Michael Goddard has decided to visit a hypnotherapist to make sense of the many incidents of déjà vu he's been having lately. What he is about to learn, he couldn't have imagined in his wildest dreams.

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John Walker was born in London in 1942. Having studied French and German at grammar school and following a job as a trainee sales representative with the French oil company, Total, he set off working in many locations on the Continent to improve his language fluency and learn others along the way. He later worked as a PR and advertising man with a well-known publisher, travelling all over Europe and finally settling in Cambridge where he still lives. He speaks fluent French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.