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Shadow Of Kamakura

Dilesh Jagdish

I was once a samurai who upheld the tenets of my creed, bushido, a code of honour that I lived by.

Betrayed by the samurais I once called brothers and inducted into a ninja clan as a fully-fledged shinobi, I forged myself a new path in life.

Armed with the courage of a samurai and the cunning of a shinobi, I learnt a plethora of new skills and honed my existing ones, both physical and mental.

I will exact vengeance on the samurais who double-crossed me as well as aid my shinobi clan in delivering justice. I will fulfil the promises I made to my allies and friends, as well as the one I made to myself: to find my wife and daughter's killer and silence him. In a land ravaged by political, social and economic instability due to the advent of feudalism, I hope to restore Japan to its former glory.

My name is Tetsu Itsuki and this is my story.

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Dilesh Jagdish was born in New South Wales, Australia. To say that he has a passion for creative writing is an understatement. What started out as a hobby became something more. The ‘code of honour' that he lives by is that practice makes perfect, a universal proverb that can be applied to any goal in life.