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Our Em Volume II Major Em

Wilfred Summers

Em and George's romance led to their marriage and to the birth of their twin boys, but their choices have brought challenges and consequences that continue to direct the course of their lives as the story unfolds.

As World War II continues Em's ‘military' role diminishes, and she makes some significant choices, but where will they take her?

Can George settle into family life - and if so, who with?

And will life in early post-war Britain help Em to fulfil her dream of bringing her family together?

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I was born in Liverpool in 1934, and placed in the care of the National Children's Homes from the age of two to sixteen, living on the Isle of Man during the war, in Nottingham from VJ Day to 1949, and lastly in the NCH Hostel in Highbury. The book includes much of my early life story. I joined the Royal Air Force in 1955 as an aircraft fitter and was posted to Singapore, but received a medical discharge due to the effect of the climate on my health. On returning to civilian life, I worked mainly as an electrician. I have been married twice and have three children, four grandchildren and one great grandchild. I am now living in the Isle of Man. As well as writing, my interests include drawing portraits, learning to play the piano, and assisting young people in Tanzania through education and medical care.