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Robert Brooke

There are many dates that will live in infamy.
The 10th June, 1944 seems destined to be one.
In the months prior to D-Day, a young lieutenant is sent home to France to help coordinate the activities of the local Resistance groups in the central regions around Limoges.
When the invasion occurs, a French Resistance group spontaneously rises up against the Nazi occupiers.
One SS Regiment decides that this show of defiance will not go unpunished.
Reprisals are brutally conceived and ruthlessly carried out.
But the SS aren't finished. Further reprisals are still being planned.
For the lieutenant, and the woman he has fallen in love with, there may yet be a chance to warn a prosperous, peaceful town of the plans the SS have laid for it, and avert a massacre.
If only they can get there in time.

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A 2019 visit to the town of Oradour-Sur-Glane, combined with a deep love of history, propelled the author to create this, his first written work.
Born in New Zealand and living most of his life in Australia, the author now lives in a small village in northern Tasmania with his guitars, a delightfully eccentric French wife, three cats, a dog and a constantly variable number of chickens.