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Mountjoy: To Catch a Spy

Graham Lowe

Can First Lieutenant Sylvian Mountjoy endure the swells of waves, torrents of rain and cannon fire that have been placed upon them by the French, just to find out that Nathaniel Billings has once again entered his life, with the horrific abduction of his wife, Mary?

For the many altercations to follow, Sylvian, now a captain, will complement his own ship for the explorations to follow in wars he has no control over. For King and Country, will he avenge all and bring back that which has been taken; or start a new life with Sarah in his new home in the Canadas?

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Graham John Lowe 31 May 1955 - 19 July 2020

He was a man of intrigue, integrity and compassion. He lived his life helping others, whether it be as a father or working for Queen and Country with the Military of Defense Police Department in the United Kingdom. He was also a computer specialist but his love for adventure came out in his writings which came to fruition when his first book was published, Mountjoy: The Reluctant Recruit.

Telling his stories captivated his audience as he spoke the words with eloquence and intrigue, depicting the voices of his characters in true form. Graham was never in one place too long, and was always challenging the change.

Graham was the story, and is sadly missed by his family and his readers.