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Mountjoy: The Reluctant Recruit

Graham Lowe

Sylvian Mountjoy was one of those rare breeds of men who was quite happy in life and found very little to complain about. When he is pressed into service against his will and awakes bound in a ship with no idea where he is headed, he panics. What will happen to Mary, his wife? Will he ever see her again? As a clerk, he shouldn't be here, it was not allowed to happen!

Meanwhile, Mary learns the truth about Nathaniel's betrayal of Sylvian and longs to see her husband again and make sure he is safe.

With Sylvian's brother, Jack, and friend, Jonas, on a quest to find him in the new world would they ever be reunited again?

With no experience of being at sea, Sylvian finds that he can rise to the new challenge before him, and in fact, excel beyond even his own expectations. Will he survive?

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Graham was born in 1955 in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. He is the middle child of three. After a wonderful childhood he finally settled down in life and joined the Police Service. Firstly the newly formed Royal Parks Police and then the British Transport Police on London's underground, finally moving to the Ministry of Defence Police where he spent the majority of his career. Married with six children, three that came with his third marriage and seven grand children. Graham immigrated to Canada in 2003 and settled down in the province of British Columbia where he still lives with his wife Diana.