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Just Wheatley?

Barry Silsby

Novice Detective Constable Wheatley finds himself all at sea in Victorian Brighton when a routine missing persons case becomes a murder enquiry. Given an unsupportive boss who wants him to close out the case as fast as possible due to its connections to a baronet (who seems more than a little shady), a pawnbroker eager to charge him interest on any case-related items, and less-than-forthcoming servants, does Wheatley even stand a chance?

But with the support of his colleague Detective Edwards and the assistance of hard-drinking pathologist Dr Barbara Buchanan, Wheatley starts to find his way. When a new body is found, and evidence accumulates, leading him to a surprising conclusion regarding the identity of the murderer, Wheatley may have to make a hard choice—what is justice, and what does the pursuit of it demand? This case might make him a better detective, but will the experience make him a better person?

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Barry Silsby is a writer and educator and that rarest of beasts- a native Brightonian still living by the sea in the city of Brighton and Hove. (