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Jack Swan

Paul W Richardson

Transported for a crime he did not commit, Jack Swan finds himself beaten, tormented and hunted until news of his mother's imminent death spurs him into action.
Jack Swan and his family came to know a world of abject poverty, dirt, disease, degradation, and death. Yet against all the odds, Swan finds his soul mate in the shape of Annie Nolan, only to suffer the loss of her to the vicious nature of a man called Raynsford, who with his associates runs their town as if it were theirs to rule.
From his trial at the Old Bailey, he is forced into a brutal journey on a prison ship to Tennessee, where he is captured and adopted by the Cherokee Indians, who become like family. Two of his Cherokee brothers return with him to London to fight for his mother and achieve justice.
As he learns more about his family's complicated history, Swan has to piece together the clues, which are all there for him to decipher.

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I am the eldest of three, born to my much loved but sadly departed parents, William and Sylvia Richardson. I have been married for forty-two years to my wife, Anne, and have four children, all of whom I am very proud. I was educated in basic London primary and secondary schools, the latter I left at fifteen to work in Fleet Street. I returned to further education in 2003 at Harlow College, to gain the qualifications I needed to attend Hertfordshire University, where I gained my BA degree in history with a view to teaching. However, due to the constant essays and research that consumed my time, I found a new outlet in writing.