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In a Valley of Kings

Charlie Gutsell

Ancient Egypt during the eighteenth dynasty is a time of great uncertainty and desperate vengeance. Dakarai, a young Egyptian fisherman, has become obsessed with avenging the deaths of his parents, both of whom were murdered in cold blood, for spreading Egypt's traditional means of faith. With his peaceful village and way of life having been ripped apart by the megalomaniac pharaoh, Akhenaten, and his deadly militia known as the Medjay, Dakarai will be forced to master his courage as he fights his way to the capital, to finally exact his revenge on the pharaoh and to restore prosperity to his once tranquil home.

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Charlie Gutsell is twenty-four years old. He first fell in love with writing whilst completing his BA Honours in English Language. His love for the craft, and in particular both historical and fast paced action, only grew and he went on to complete a Masters in Creative Writing. He loves the escapism that stories offer the reader.