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Gifts Given: Journey to Freedom

Colin Vincent

Alaun, his family and his community are living peacefully in an ancient Roman villa. They rear horses and keep dogs and have a close relationship with both. After a period of peace that has lasted many decades, rumours have sprung up about potential unrest. The community, led by Alaun and his sister, begin to make plans to move to the south west, which they believe will be safer for them.
Meanwhile, two friends of the group, living in a nearby Englian settlement, are in desperate circumstances, and Alaun takes some of the youngsters to investigate. As things unfold it becomes increasingly clear that they are in danger. Alaun and his companions attempt a rescue which leads to the entire community bringing forward their plans to leave the area.
As events will come to show, Alaun and his companions must act to protect not only themselves but the country.

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Mention should be made of a career interest in communication. Also mention should be made of a love of animals and particularly of dogs, some of which have proved very influential at times.
Amongst the author's interests has been a keen one in the history of the Dark Ages, following the Roman Britain experience, and before the country became predominantly under the control of the Anglo Saxons. The legends are compelling and are believed to hold truths.
It is considered that every child in this country should have access to this history or these legends, as part of their heritage.