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Facing Fearful Odds

Penny Claxton

It is 1914, and Victoria Standish returns home to find her brother, Max, keen to join the impending war in Europe as a Light Horseman. Australia is far away from the conflict, but Victoria is thrilled at the prospect of nursing beyond the safe confines of her local community.

In London, the Earl and Countess of Hadleigh are also preparing for war. Their son, Gerald, is commissioned in the Coldstream Guards and their younger son, Guy, is desperate to join up. Their daughter, Lady Julia, and their housemaid, Violet, will bravely join the Voluntary Aid Detachment as nursing assistants.

Facing Fearful Odds chronicles a turbulent time in history, through the lives of nurses and the soldiers they were destined to meet.

War will draw them together and create unbreakable bonds of friendship and love that will see them through the catastrophic battles in Gallipoli and the Somme. The conflict will shatter the established barriers of class and culture and change their lives forever...

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Penny Claxton was born and grew up in South-East London. On leaving school, she joined Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps, where she completed her Registered Nurse training prior to emigrating to Australia. Penny has lived and worked in South-Western Sydney for the last twenty years; this is her first novel.