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Esther’s Journey

Beverley Latimer

Isaac and Esther Barak, a young, beautiful, and talented couple, are living in the south of France when World War Two begins. They have everything to live for: fame, a loving marriage, a beautiful home, and two young children.
As Jews, Isaac and Esther are targeted; their fame and their money cannot save them.

In an attempt to try and save the lives of their young children, Isaac turns to a close friend for help. The children are smuggled out of France and kept hidden until the war is over.

Isaac and Esther are captured as they attempt to flee to a hiding place deep in the French countryside. They are both transported to separate extermination camps in Poland within days of their arrest.

Two and a half years later Esther is liberated by the Russian army. But what of her husband?

Not knowing if Isaac has survived or not, Esther's journey continues with the hope that she and Isaac will find their way back to each other, and the children they have not seen for over two years.

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Beverley Latimer grew up in a large working-class family in the city of Leeds, West Yorkshire. She now lives in a small rural village with her husband in North Yorkshire.
She has a grown-up family and five grandchildren.

Beverley has spent her career caring for others, first as a nursery nurse and later as a support worker.

She is now spending time writing, which has long been her lifetime ambition.

Hannah is her debut novel, and she is currently working on her second.