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Electra's Curse


An unseaworthy yacht sets sail from France on a family holiday. A baby is lost in a lifeboat after a storm in the English Channel. Friendships collapse, alliances change, enemies are made, and lives are changed forever.

Just prior to World War Two, Penelope Parker attends Cambridge University. She inadvertently uncovers a German spy ring trying to steal nuclear secrets. This sets her down a road of disguise, of espionage, of danger, of love.

Franz Kohl has risen within the Nazi party on a quest to forget his past and gain power. But Electra becomes his nemesis. Can he capture her and destroy the resistance cells in Dieppe, France, even when old friends come back into the picture?

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Skinner is an avid reader of espionage and military history and crafts exciting stories around actual historical events and periods. He worked in the scientific field early in his career and later moved into information technology and operations, finally working as an executive for several Wall Street brokerages. He has previously published two action/spy/suspense novels and includes writing in between his many interests and hobbies.