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Cry Quietly

Mike Musgrave

An enthralling tale set in wartime Australia, Cry Quietly is a story that will keep you turning the pages until the very end. A tale of romance, fulfilment, violence and dark secrets, we follow Rita, a member of the WRAAF who falls for Tom, the man she ultimately marries.


But married life isn't the happy time Rita was hoping for, and it soon becomes more about struggles than a happy partnership. With five children to bring up, post-war life has more downs than ups as she fights to keep her family fed, protected and out of danger.


Errol is the youngest child; a sickly boy from birth. And as he grows up, trouble has a way of finding him, whether he goes looking for it or not. Will his determined attitude and positive outlook on life keep him on the right path or will the daily trials become too much to bear?

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Mike Musgrave is a retired Consulting Engineer. He resides at Newport, a suburb of Sydney, Australia, with his second wife, Mary. Mike is the father of four children and grandfather to six offspring.

He and Mary travel widely and regularly in Australia and overseas.

Mike's forty-two-year full-time career included the insurance industry, design drafting, domestic project management, then civil and structural engineering.

As a Director of Musgrave Design Engineering Pty Limited, Mike still potters around with his innovations, including magnetic repulse and a possible hardware design for a quantum computer.