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Cleopatra Selene: We the Conquered Shall Conquer

S.F. Chandler

Following her public humiliation, Cleopatra Selene is torn from the arms of her Roman lover and exported from Italy as an imperial pawn to enhance an alliance between the Emperor Augustus and King Juba of Mauritania. The past misdeeds of the Egyptian princess cast a threatening shadow over her precarious future as King Juba's wife.

An unforeseen act of betrayal sets Selene's feet on a path of vengeance and destruction. Driven by hate, the scorned princess arises from the ashes of her conquered dignity, ready to utilise any means in her hostile vendetta against Rome.

The boundlessness of her immoralities may eventually make her forget who she is - but not what she wants.

Cleopatra Selene: We the Conquered Shall Conquer is the second book in a trilogy that takes Selene on an arduous quest for greatness; through the gutters of the Roman provinces, into the erotic incarceration of the Mauritanian harem and over the blood-soaked battlefields of a ferocious rebel uprising.

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Sanchia F Chandler was raised and educated in Kent. The garden of England is still home to the author, where she lives in a house filled with historical relics from her travels.

Sanchia has had a successful career in the financial sector and is still an active trader. 

Her fascination with ancient history began at an early age, as did her love for books; she wrote her first story at age seven.

Besides writing, she volunteers at a local charity dedicated to inspiring young people to excel. She is also a musician and a frequent visitor of historical landmarks.