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Baltimore Book 3

Tony Bryan

Van Eyck was feeling his age and wanted a man to marry his daughter and take-over the plantation. He was certain former sea captain Dieter Van Ghal was the man for the job. If only Gertrude would forget that Irish adventurer, Daemon Quirk!

Gertrude believed herself quite capable of running things and was in no rush to marry. The future of the plantation was all that mattered, or was it? What did fate have in store for her, and for Daemon Quirk?

After years of peaceful co-existence, the rumour of insurrection among the Barbados slave population becomes a terrifying reality. Chief Akom, in hiding with a mix of runaways and Assanti followers, was being goaded into rebellion by the crazed Obeahman.

Kirsten, in New York, is much gratified in the nurturing of her daughter, whilst her son, John Nathan, grows impatient to embark on his own adventures as a cavalryman in the British Army. Banoldino buries himself in business and civic duties.

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Tony Bryan was born in Liverpool, England but has lived in rural Worcestershire for some years. Tony has enjoyed success as a playwright and theatre producer and his first novel, 99 Heyworth Street, was published a few years back.

Tony has also had success with a screenplay of his version of a true story ‘The Decline of Daisy de Melker' which has been a finalist in several international film festivals.

Baltimore is the fulfilment of a promise made some years ago to his dad, that one day he would produce a ‘searing, historical novel'.

Baltimore is the first of a trilogy with part two completed and part three ‘under construction'.