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All the Little Birds

G E Banfield

All the Little Birds is a book that teems with imagery, darkness, secrets, wonder and the loss of childhood innocence, set in the backdrop of racial tensions dividing London throughout 1970s and early 1980s England. Within her world of lyrical content, spirit ancestors, fantastical stories and mystery, we meet young Mary who tries to manage the familiar and unfamiliar taking place in her life and home. Told through a realism that includes passages of light, hope and an emotional torrent of circumstance, we learn what it is to be a child venturing through the world, lost, confused, lonely and in need of the warm arms of love that keeps us from falling too deep into our own heads of turmoil and trauma.

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G E Banfield has been a fledgling poet, unknown contemporary dancer and romantic dreamer. It was when her English teacher encouraged her to write creatively that she became a true believer of dreams.


After studying English literature and language, Dance and Performing Arts, then a Teaching degree she drifted and found herself writing poetry but only through transient living did she realise themes of loss, love, isolation, dream and mystery has been the ink that steadily spills from her pen. All the Little Birds is her first literary novel.