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The Adventures of Henry Porter

Heaven-Leigh Porter

This book follows one of the many adventures of young Henry Porter, whose grandparents live on a farm full of adventure and possibility. In a world where the kids know how to download apps and connect to the free WIFI in any location, Henry navigates a different world when he visits his grandparents. Their house has no WIFI, but it does have walls covered in photographs of his many aunts and uncles who had endless adventures growing up. Henry decides to try to walk in their footsteps and create his own memories. Henry realises that just because Mama and Papa don't know how to text or use the internet, doesn't mean he can't learn amazing things from them. And the animals are always along for the ride.

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My passion for literature began in children's books, so what better place to start writing than where it all began for me. My name is Heaven-Leigh Porter and I grew up in Queensland, Australia. I have a very large family, so it's little surprise that they inspired this book.
"All right, you've read about it, now go live it." Words that would inspire me for years to come. My hope is what any writer would hope for, that this book inspires children to not only find a love of literature, but also to live it.