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The Written Stars

Hannah Carstens

There are certain things they don't teach you in school: 1) evolution messes up sometimes; 2) jumping off high buildings can be hazardous to your health; and 3) familiars - as in the seemingly normal animals that grant superhuman abilities - are real, just not in the way you think.

Parker King is dropped into a world he didn't know existed, filled with people who can do impossible things, and passing algebra suddenly becomes his second priority. Eighth grade is pretty bad, but life really begins to spiral when people start trying to kill him and monsters turn out to be more than just fantasy. Now there is only one thing on Earth that could possibly save his life, and Parker and his friends have to find it before time catches up. It all comes down to a boy with mismatched eyes, a pink haired girl, a quick-witted friend, a killer dog, and a pocket sized dragon.

The only question is, is there something much bigger than the five of them at play?

What if Parker's destiny was intertwined from the beginning with the Silent Public, which hides beneath the surface of our own civilisation?

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Hannah Carstens was born on 20th June 2002 and lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. She gained her love of books and reading from her family and started writing her own stories from a very young age. Her dream has always been to become a successful author. This is her first published work and was written when she should have been doing her homework. Among other things, she is a ballet dancer, as well as a member of too many fandoms for it to be considered healthy.