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The Lost Chronicles of East London: The Sirens of Gallions Reach

Guy Evans

"This is a world of fools! A world of slaves!"

Strange singing coming from the River Thames? Check. Odd glowing lights coming from the water? Check. Weird creatures living underneath Cleopatra's Needle on the Embankment? Check.

Another dangerous and terrifying adventure awaits Joe Druitt and his friends Eddows and Flo as they uncover the terrible truth about the ancient stone monolith on the banks of the world's most famous river, and the connection between it and the tragedy of the paddle steamer the Princess Alice over a hundred years ago. And if that wasn't enough for them, the teens are pursued by a sinister stranger and his faceless wax men...

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Guy Philip Evans grew up on the edge of East London in Barking, where he spent most of his childhood immersed in books, cartoons of the 1980s and imaginary battles with his friends, not realising the huge wodge of history just sitting on his doorstep. He does now! Guy studied English and Drama at St Mary's University, Strawberry Hill, and is a qualified teacher. He is a massive fantasy and sci-fi geek, which he hopes comes out in his writing.