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Aphrodite's Blessing

Gina Lawrence

The protagonist is a young woman, Jamie, who has had a strict upbringing by her adoptive Christian parents. At first, it seems there is no escape from her fate of having to marry an unprepossessing man, chosen for her by her mother and father. A family visit to Athens to attend church meetings gives Jamie the chance to make a life for herself. The Parthenon and Acropolis form the backdrop of her burgeoning relationship with the handsome and attractive Alexander, whom she meets at the ancient sites. However, it turns out that he is a pagan priest and thus, an anathema to the members of the Christian sect. Jamie is destined to become its leader but can she take on that role and still be with Alexander? Events take a sinister turn and lives are at risk. What choice will she even be able to make when so much is against her?

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I'm originally from Yorkshire but have moved to chase my dreams. I have worked within the security industry for a few years now and hopefully many more. I began writing songs and poetry while young, and my trilogy, The Shadow Walker, I started when I was twenty. I'm hugely influence by myths and legends, so much so that I know Latin and can read Hieroglyphs. I'm a keen cyclist and challenge myself each year with a charity event. I'm also an artist, currently working on my own graphic novel. All of which I cannot do without music in my life.