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1819: Dark Angelic

Geoff Nowell

1819...Lancashire. Beneath the streets, the fires of discontent are stoked as hard as the chimneys of the industrial revolution.
Come the summer, there'll be a big, mass meeting in Manchester, which Reformers everywhere are praying will establish liberty in the land.
But lying in wait are the enemies of this noble band. Ready to unleash their ultimate retribution.
In Darkleigh, Mary, a young lady whose talents could take her places if only she could leave the dreaded mill, goes on an escapade with her friends to a long-forgotten castle in their town. There, they unwittingly unleash the ghost of Sir Clarence, a one-time lord of the manor.
Teaching him about the new world he's arrived back in, it soon becomes clear that Clarence, a part of the past the Reformers are trying to eradicate, could become the difference between the freedom they seek and the continuance of tyranny...

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Geoff Nowell is originally from Eccles, near Manchester, which is known to have lost at least two people at the Peterloo Massacre. From a young age, he has enjoyed writing fiction, not to mention learning about history. Learning about Peterloo at quite a young age left him speechless, with such a monumental and epic event having happened on his doorstep. He has been actively involved in annual projects commemorating Peterloo and those marking the event's bicentennial in 2019. This is his first novel.