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The Lolly Box

J. Roland

Chester Malcreef is a simple piano teacher whose life has always been safe and clean. He avoids touching others, eating spoiled food and has impeccable hygiene. Never in his wildest dreams would he imagine being forced into the new reality TV series, Bumscape.

Suddenly he is homeless, waking up in an old, filthy car. He has no money or friends and is forced to survive using only his wits while being filmed at every moment by an unhelpful camera crew. Obsessed by a character who might or might not be who she says she is, he navigates his way through his distorted reality.

Increasingly struggling to distinguish between psychosis and real life, once Chester has someone real to care about, he tries ever harder to get a grip. This takes him across the border to Mexico and an adventure with a masked man, mysterious birds and psychedelic drugs.

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J. Roland has written his second novel, The Lolly Box, a dark humored story about a delusional man trapped for years in his perception of reality and his struggle for sanity and freedom. His first novel, Phillip Goodhouse, is available online. It is an intense psychic thriller about a man that the CIA doesn't want you to know about who could end the world as we know it. J. Roland has travelled extensively for years in Latin America and South America, fascinated by the magic of the culture. He currently resides in Mexico and is working on his latest novel, Cereso.