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The Flower Cart and the Road

Monte Jaffe

Asher, part Cherokee and part Jewish, was born in Tennessee to parents who wanted only the best for him; that is, to marry a nice Jewish girl and settle down to a secure life. Asher had other ideas. He wanted freedom. He thumbed to Florida, where he drifted along doing odd jobs and discovered his talent for painting.

He decided to try life in Europe and ended up in Germany, where he met his future wife. They were both targeted by local Neo-Nazis, who defaced Asher's painting and theatened their lives. With the help of one-eyed Jack, Asher retaliated, but suffered the consequences, including having to live in hiding.

He finally settled down to family life in Scotland. When one-eyed Jack followed him there and threatened his family, Asher decided enough was enough. He had no other choice. The windswept cliffs would keep his secret forever.

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He began writing in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he was born, composing songs and writing short stories and TV scripts.

He supported the civil rights movement, working and living with the Highlander Folk Group, followers of Martin Luther King.

He later moved to New York City, going underground to avoid being drafted into the Vietnam War. He did roofing and construction work and worked as a social worker in the notorious Hell's Kitchen. Echoes of these challenges reverberate through the pages of his novels.

In 1982, he moved to Europe, pursuing a successful career singing opera.

Presently, he lives with his wife in northern Germany.