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The Conways at Earthsend

Jane Deans

Every day is a battle for Joshua and Laura Conway. From devastating weather ravaging their farm and takeover threats from the energy company to the disappearance of a loved one; from pollution to the savage killing of an employee, their world spirals into an uncontrollable crisis.
Can they trust their mysterious new neighbour, Uzza? And can she help them to survive as everything they've worked for begins to disintegrate and everyone they love is under threat?
Disturbing and poignant, The Conways at Earthsend reveals a near future that all of us may come to know.

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Jane Deans is retired from her teaching career and lives with her husband in Dorset. Having written sporadically throughout her teaching life, since retirement she has written in earnest, producing a wide range of work including short stories, a novel, The Year of Familiar Strangers, and a regular travel blog, Graceless Ageing (
She has collaborated in the running of a writing group, The Spokes, since 2014 and is a voracious reader, particularly of quality contemporary fiction. She travels extensively for much of the year, spending weeks with her husband in a camper van, researching and writing in whichever location they find themselves. She is also a keen gardener and a passionate supporter of environmental causes.