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The Beloved: The White Temple Trilogy


The Beloved is a journey about things you were not taught, for words pale in comparison to the sounds of the Heavenly bodies, the chirp of a sparrow, the bubbling of a brook, the kiss of two lovers, or the beauty of the morning dew.

Also the journey is about the Beloved, who found her only happiness in the Arcadian forest, where she could be alone. For truly she could hear the lute of Pan, and smell the healing herbs of the forest. It was there that she realized that life dies in the winter, but is resurrected in the spring. We mortals die, but are reborn on a path to perfection, and so she waited for the wind to change.

This is a story of romance, adventure, and a great discovery of ancient scrolls that were written by the Lord. This is not fiction, it is historical truth, and is the rock that western spirituality sits on, but hidden from humanity to this day.

In order to entertain this deep subject, I have enlisted the help of three main characters who are historical fact. They have played major roles in the advancement of humanity. And they, along with a young man, join together to save the fabled land of Languedoc.

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My journey began as an artist over forty years ago. And the voyage took me to many places in search of that elusive muse that inspires, and enlightens the creative mind. From the Atlantic to the Pacific, I painted for my room and board. Along the way, many celebrities, corporations and charities found a need for my work. I even helped build an orphanage with my paintings. But then I discovered the ancient scrolls of the brotherhood, and became inspired to write my story of the Beloved. As the rays of the sun burned off the fog in my mind... a new beginning was born. Free of dogma and false ideas, I found the true message from the scrolls of the Lord...