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Starve or Kneel

Jamal Abozaid

Once again, it was a time of war. Ali al-Halabi, a rebel leader, had been captured by the regime and was now being tortured into joining it and killing his fellow rebels by the notorious Major Hider Nizar. Would Ali succumb to the will of the regime?

Ali had witnessed the atrocities which the Syrian people had endured and the state of the refugee camps to which they were forced to flee. He had seen children orphaned and blown up and families ripped apart by the dictator, President al-Assad. With their houses destroyed and family members killed, the Syrian people had no choice but to flee their homeland and seek a life elsewhere, hopefully without cruelty and hardship.

Now, with his own family threatened in front of him and his wife and child in danger, would Ali stand strong in the face of adversity?

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Jamal Abozaid is based in London and is an Arab World Writer and historical fiction novelist. His first novel, Journey of Illusion was published in 2011. The Green Devil is his second historical novel. He writes, lectures and travels extensively.