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Paradise Mislaid

Francis M. Boggs

Professor Hugh Norris was studying theology with his good friend Bede Murray. He spent two years at the seminary but one day, on a chance piece of advice from one of the lecturers, he decide that a life devoted to religion was not for him. He left to study science instead and rose to prominence for his genome and DNA research.

It's many years later now and Bede is invited to dinner at Hugh's place. But something is amiss. Hugh urgently asks Bede, now Bishop of London, to hear his confession and during this, he tells the bishop something so devastating that Bede recoils in horror and rushes away. He cannot believe his dear friend could even suggest such a horror.

Hugh's research has led him to investigate the true origins of life, and from that he has formed a theory that will turn the religious community - and indeed, the entire world - on its head, should it come to light.

We watch as friendship is tested to dangerous levels and wait for the day when The Paradise Now ideal might be revealed.

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Francis Boggs, now retired, has found some time on his hands to create this theoretical debate:


‘Have we outgrown religion?'


He has extended his past literary experience from journalistic articles and poetry to this, his first attempted work of fiction.


Francis was born in New Zealand in 1935 and after a long career in the life insurance industry, he currently lives on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, with his wife, Cavell. He happily describes the Gold Coast as the lifestyle capital of the world, or as the possible nucleus of the cradle of a new paradise yet to be born and nurtured.