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Only He Who Understands Is Sad

Colin Wallace

Nelpin is a government official with a complicated background. Orphaned and brought up by another family, he finds people who he can manipulate, and disposes of them when they are no longer of use.


Moskar comes from a wandering tribe of the Lagerian desert. Happily married and hoping for a child, one day changes his whole life in the desert forever.


Nelpin's and Moskar's paths are set to cross in ways that neither of them could have seen.


As Nelpin's ambitions push him forward in his quest, other people are brought in to the possibly devastating scheme.


A male pregnancy, wandering fortune tellers and a cast of characters are interwoven in this drama of secrets and ambition.

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Colin Wallace was born in Salford and spent his childhood there, in the Lake District and Surrey. During his career, he spent many years working in North and West Africa, the Middle East and mainland Europe. Having retired, he devotes his time to writing. He now lives in Manchester near his son, daughter and grandchildren.