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Fate or Fortunate

Alan Riches

Fate or Fortunate relates to five real life occurrences that inspired five very different fictitious short stories.


Numbers: Some people live in hope of their lottery numbers coming good, but would that actually make their life complete?


Voices: Sometimes voices in our heads need to be listened to, no matter how strange a request and especially if those voices return later in life...


Greed: What would you do if a total stranger gave you a winning lottery ticket to check and the numbers had actually won?


Snowball: Families can be so cruel at times, especially when money is involved...


Liar: When a gifted child says they can do something, then maybe adults should take them seriously.

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Born 1959 in Blackburn, Lancashire, to parents who both worked in the cotton weaving industry. Joined the Royal Navy from school at the age of sixteen. Sailed the world and retired from the service in 1999. Now I am living happily with my wife Sue in Gosport, Hampshire.

I have always felt I had the ability to pen a story from a very early age, but never seemed to have the time to compose any. Now I am close to retirement I feel the time is right to tell my stories.