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Marshall Magincalda

It's a dark age. Max wakes up on the day the Twin Towers fall. The world is controlled by a secret cabal through lies and blackmail. Knowing something isn't right, he searches for the truth, while falling victim to patriotic fervor for war. He joins the military, survives boot camp and journeys across the globe on multiple tours of wartime duty. On a similar path is one of the world's most infamous elite mercenaries called "Raider". Forced to carry out the will of the cabal to clear his name, he only wants revenge. While members of the evil group push forward a bigger agenda, they, too, seek out their own objectives. A quirky, ingenious senator works his web of plots while a dark and beautiful foreign priestess sets her sights on the ethereal powers of another realm through magic. A top secret plot for the cabal unfolds while the great wartime battle for Fallujah rages in the background. When they all come together before the ancient desert ruins of Anbar, their shared revelations shatter the web of lies and sends them on a new path.

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Marshall L. Magincalda Jr was born in San Jose, California, in 1983. He drifted to Manteca, California, on his skateboard in 1996. Coming into adulthood as a US Marine infantryman changed his life. Shocked to his core from the controversies surrounding his time overseas, Marshall left the Marines in 2008 to pursue a career in law. He earned an undergraduate degree from the University of California and a Juris Doctorate from University of the Pacific. He won scholarships for both research and writing papers while in attendance. Now, he loves reading and writing intriguing novels aside from his day job practicing law.