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Brummies in Canada

Keith Fisher

Birmingham people can be found all over the world. The majority stay at home and live in the area where they were born. Some venture to London or other parts of England, Scotland, Ireland or Wales. The more adventurous go to English-speaking countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa. Some go to Europe but they still have easy and quick access to home.
Even in English-speaking countries, there are many differences to their lives in Birmingham. The Brummie accent can cause problems and be the source of mirth. Many Brummies can accept the new way of life, but some get homesick and return to Birmingham.
These stories are of Birmingham people who lived and worked outside England. They settled in Canada, possibly one of the easiest countries for English people to adapt to the way of life.
These stories are fictional but they come from my experience, having travelled extensively in Canada.

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Dr Keith Fisher has been a chemist all his working life and has lived in several countries.
He was born in 1940 in Birmingham during the bombing. He grew up in Birmingham and, after passing the eleven-plus, went to grammar school in Smethwick.
After leaving grammar school, he went to work in a couple of laboratories and did his degree in chemistry part-time. He then went to Canada to start his postgraduate degree, which he finished at the University of London in England.
After gaining his PhD, he went to America for five years and had several teaching appointments at universities. After returning to the UK he took up a post at the University of Lagos, later followed by a post at the University of Khartoum in the Sudan. Thirteen years in Africa were followed by two years in Canada and finally, in 1989, he came to Australia.