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A Very Bennet Scandal

Hazel-Anne Nair

Jane Austen's masterpiece moves on apace: with two remaining daughters yet to be married off, the socially aspiring Mrs Jane Bennet dedicates herself to finding suitors for Mary and Kitty.
That is the plan...
A little - how to phrase it delicately? - local difficulty instantly puts paid to that genteel ambition and the Bennets' lives are catapulted into chaos, confusion and social exclusion. Are the defamatory claims true? If not, how on earth can they be disproven? The cataclysmic ‘incident' ricochets throughout society, with the female Bennets struggling desperately for recovery and decorum, while Mr Bertram Bennet is nowhere to be found.

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Hazel-Anne Nair was born in London and now lives in Sydney, Australia. She is the proud mother of three superb children and has a stupendously amazing husband. She has travelled extensively, and has a master's in English Literature. It has been an ambition of hers to be an author ever since she first read Little Women as a child. She always hero-worshipped Jo March!