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The Whispering Pearls

Lucas Davey

A shaft rat too skinny to fit into her own clothes, a young ‘witchblood' more inclined to sing his enemy into submission than slay them with his spear, and a monstrous herder whose appetite for human flesh seems to have been ousted by an insatiable craving for fruit... You might be forgiven for thinking this the most unlikely of trios ever tasked with saving a land cursed with so ancient and ineradicable a tragedy as that which afflicts Kugarra, but save it they must, for this once green and golden land no longer echoes to the song of the nightcallers or the thunderous tread of the mighty Horim, but heeds only the whisper of ghosts and gods long forgotten and the serpent tongue of its greatest and most terrifying affliction, the black worm, Sugaar.


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Although Lucas has worked as a journalistic writer in Spain, an artist in Cumbria, and a grumpy and grime-covered engineer in the industrial heartland of Yorkshire, he is best found wandering hilltops, swimming rivers or nibbling upon wood sorrel as he forages for mushrooms through the hedgerows, forests and wild spaces of leafy olde England. A bard at heart and one whose writings are inspired by and honour this ancestral and ancient tradition; a tradition that seeks not just to entertain, but to foster a communion with nature, a love for life and the drinking deeply from its well of timeless wisdom.