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The Transit of Venus

Dennis Humphreys

Many people write novels, some to critical acclaim which brings financial success while others are less fortunate or talented. Steve Donaldson was a successful novelist, happily married and living a comfortable life. But his editor suggested that he should write something different for his next novel. He willingly took up the challenge but soon found himself well outside his comfort zone, meeting with strong and deep emotions, which he had never felt before and which were disturbing his state of mind.
Perhaps this was part of his mid-life crisis. He was becoming infatuated with the main character he had created in the new novel. His loving wife, Jenny, noticed a change in his mood and became very worried.
Then very strange things started to happen to Steve and to Jenny. Despite her efforts to resolve his difficulties, their peaceful domestic life in a nice English town was falling apart.
Could the intelligent and resourceful Jenny turn things around or were this couple facing forces beyond their understanding and capability?

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The author, now retired, lives in a Victorian house with a large garden in South Devon. In his professional life, he was a lawyer specialising in planning law. He has always been an active musician, playing keyboards and the flute. One of his other main interests is astronomy, and he is an honorary life member of the Torbay Astronomical Society, of which he was secretary for several years. He was part of a team which photographed and recorded the transit of Venus in 2012.
As a Francophile, he is a student of the French language and culture, and has visited France many times on holiday, to visit friends there, and on twinning visits. He has written novels set in France.
He has wide interests in literature and history.