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The Temple of Heaven

Stella Art

Forbidden Love. The Last Dragon. And the Fate of an Empire.

An orphan girl of dubious heritage was found at the footsteps of the Temple of Heaven. She was brought up by the monks in seclusion, ignorant of the outside world. Her destiny began to change when she stumbled upon the last dragon in the land, whose predecessors were culled and driven away many decades earlier. Kiiro, the dragon, would be the central link binding the tumultuous events that were to follow.

Yukiko's chance meeting with one of the Emperor's sons completely shattered her innocent, idyllic life. Their subsequent forbidden love would re- shape not just their lives; but the fate of the Chinese Empire.

What would become of these star-crossed lovers?

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Dr Kitman Lam has been a medical doctor for thirty years, twenty of which were spent as a Specialist Anaesthetist.

This novel was inspired by a dream that came to her some three years ago and the subsequent development of the story was one that only the angels can explain.

It is her hope that the readers will be able to enter and enjoy the fantasy that she has weaved about a time in China that is little known to the outside world; a world of passionate sentiment that is as universal as it is in the everyday life of the world as we know it.

Dr Lam (aka Stella Art) lives in Australia with her son.