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The Soul Watcher

Katie Hetherington

Dear reader, please forgive me for the tale I intend to tell.

It's a ghastly one in which my blunders led to the escape of the seven most frightful creatures from the Hollow - a place created to house the monsters that dwell in your darkest nightmares.

Our story begins in Manchester, 1868. Poverty was rife, infecting many lives, including our protagonist, Jonah Heizium. He wasn't destined to be a great man but love and happiness was foretold... until the monsters began to play.

Read with caution reader.

Sincerely, The Watcher...

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Katie Hetherington is a young northern writer from Bolton who studied Journalism at Sheffield Hallam University.

After graduating, Katie began writing in numerous industries, whilst penning her first novel, The Soul Watcher.

Inspired by many authors over the years, particularly the likes of J.R.R. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling, she began to develop a strange dream she had, drawing on her imagination to create the storyline of The Soul Watcher.