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The Protectors Part II -Witches deceit

L.M. Newall

A fantasy adventure starring five teenagers, each with a secret: their unique supernatural alter egos. Vampires, angels, witches and warlocks - the perfect concoction to create a riotous magic spell of carnage and chaos. Yet beneath the otherworldly powers of this quirky circle of friends lies a very real human emotion: love.
Isaac is called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice to save himself and his friends from certain death. Does the eighteen-year-old schoolboy have what it takes to put the final nail in his beloved's coffin? What is the relevance of the all-powerful group known as The Protectors, and are they powerful enough to stop the bloodthirsty Dwen Coven of witches from seeking the ultimate revenge?
Fantasy-cum-mystery, this modern-day good-versus-evil story looks to the past to solve the problems of the present. The tenacious teens are tasked with stopping the evil witches, but can they take back control and save themselves before it's too late?

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Between getting a new job and expecting my first child I've managed to continue my love of writing, and have completed this fantastic follow-up to my first book, The Protectors, which was published in 2022.