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The Lost Children of Fulhurst

Eliza Merry

This is the story of how ten-year-old Tom Lulham becomes involved in a terrifying adventure. He finds it was linked to an unresolved disaster concerning children several centuries ago. Trying to make sense of these mystifying and frightening experiences, Tom and his sister uncover the truth behind the tragedy. It has left a long and sinister shadow and still threatens the children of today. Tom's courage and resolve are severely and repeatedly tested to heal the wounds of the past and finally end the effects of an ancient curse. Ultimately it is through undertaking a perilous rescue through a storm and flood that he achieves an ending. Not only does he save the lives of endangered children, but the rescue also leads to peaceful rest for the suffering spirits who have been haunting him.

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Eliza Merry is an arts and literature lecturer and a writer of prose and poetry. Her first book, Thoughts of the Muses, was published in 2022. She has also been commissioned over some years to write articles for literary and arts magazines. Eliza lives in Dorset in a five hundred year old cottage. Her fascination with the past and its untold stories, means the atmosphere of her ancient home creates a powerful stimulant to her historical imaginings. She also loves countryside walks, listening to music and opera, enjoying good food and spending time with family and friends.