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The Little Ghouls and The Lost Key

Shannon D.S

Putting in the code to the safe, her face in shock, a door opened to an elevator to an underground basement, which had on the wall a fiery star, and a book with the same symbol.
Shannen and Breana Domino had no idea about their parents' secret lives of magic when the youngest family member discovered the basement in the creepy mansion at the top of the hill of Winter Hollow Alley, surrounded by a fence, with dark secrets inside. Both sisters investigate the evil of the town and their family's secrets, with the shocking twist of the death of one of their own.

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I have a passion for creativity and expressing my imagination. Being a Western Australian has made me work really hard to achieve my goals, while being able to express myself. I have two sides to me that nobody knows, but my creativity helps me express both sides. I love to explore all the mysteries in life, like the Bermuda Triangle. I love all my animals I have had, and my mother and father for helping me to create something.