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The Legend of The Damn Cross Wearer (The River of Tears Saga)

Stephen of Sardis

Thomas Cream is an unsettled man. Despite apparent successes and an abundance of prosperity, still he struggles and is never quite satisfied with his life. Deep down he is obsessed with the idea of something more... haunted by an innate awareness of a greater reality, something beyond the physical world, through the Veil that he can sense.

What Thomas doesn't know yet is that the Veil protects us. Soon he will learn the stark, blunt and daunting reality of the other side. He will also meet his own unimaginable destiny in the Valley of the Shadow of Death, at the River of Tears.

The question is: will he make it back through the Veil with both his sanity and his life?

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Stephen of Sardis is a writer and lawyer. He has been blessed by his Creator and cursed by the excesses which flowed from his own pride and ego. He lives an undeserved and unreasonably fortunate life with his wife and children in Columbia, South Carolina, while dreaming of returning to the farm at Sardis.