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The Dragon's Eye

Matthew Waters

A world of mythical, powerful creatures, tribal trolls and a skilled and courageous princess.

A guild of sorcerers attacks the golden, mystical dragon, Stiria, tearing apart its twin halves - sister, Erisdar, and brother, Feranth.

A thousand years later, Princess Abby is given a silver pendant shaped like a dragon. The pendant contains the sealed essence of Erisdar, who reveals that Abby has the magical power to help Erisdar reunite with her lost brother.

Time is short. The magic will only be powerful enough to release and reunite the dragons during the time of the eclipse, but Abby is tricked and imprisoned by traitorous King Richard. Prince Arthur defies his father to release Abby and they escape, along with her best friend, Joanne, and the gentle troll, Zara. But they are being closely pursued.

Can Abby and her companions successfully reunite the powerful twin dragons - Erisdar and Feranth - and what will happen if they do?

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Matthew Waters lives in Melbourne, Australia. This is his first published book. He enjoys outdoor activities, metal and wood working and riding around on his motorbike.