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The Deadly Forest of Quarrendon

R. P. Wild

While one would avoid the trouble in the forest, it is the curse that the folk come to fear the most. The disease of the mind will do its best to bring out the worst in its victims. It preys on the weak and feeds on their secret desires. Once it's taken hold of a fragile mind, it will quickly exploit any emotion, from lust to destruction.

The threat of the curse is not the only predator that lurks among the people. With eyes in every corner, Princess Atheena's powers hide in plain sight as she entices her subjects to make deals for their utter loyalty until their dying breath. Will Hadrian Zantorian stay quiet or will he warn his fellow companions that she is the Dark Queen of the forest and it would be wise not to trust her?

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R.P. Wild is a new writer who enjoys working on novels set in different fantasy worlds. As a young child, R.P. struggled with dyslexia, but was determined to improve her writing abilities.
The author's father encouraged her to write, as he did. Her past achievements have nothing to do with writing, but encouraged her to not give up. She has travelled a lot and finds herself often falling in love with different adventures, some of which have inspired her writing.