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The Children Sang

Craig G. Barnes

The closest of friends, James and Sam are more like brothers, although the divisive society they live in doesn't make this easy for them. The bonds of friendship stay with them as they grow, but they come to understand that it is more than this; they are bound by powerful forces around and within them that will set them apart from humanity.

There are other children like them across the globe; children who are both feared and revered. World leaders will take these children far from their homes, to study them, train them, and attempt to manipulate them to battle the most violent elements of society.

But there are others who are interested in James, Sam and their extraordinary young friends. Others who rule from beyond this world, and who are ruthless in their desire for dominance.

The children are set to fight for their lives - and James will discover that his unique and terrifying strengths are not only a tremendous privilege but also a terrible burden.

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Born in the most beautiful and vibrant piece of land in the world, South Africa, reading was much encouraged by my parents. Though there was not much money for buying books, as children we frequented the library quite often. It was here, amongst the aisles that I met the greats and entered their created worlds. Books allowed us to travel free of charge to both real and mystical. Perhaps the greatest of these, is that books kept us from paths most dark. Storytelling has always been a big part of African life, and Africa has many stories to tell.