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The Beta's Bride

Victoria Gates

Astrid's life hasn't been easy since she ran away from her Welsh home as a teenager. Now, a tattoo-laden future doctor, with a questionable and mixed-up past, she has no choice but to seek the help of Thomas Sharpe; a strait-laced young lawyer from one of the most recognized law firms in Seattle. With no idea what to expect from the petite, denim-clad woman in biker boots and a leather jacket, he agrees.
Their chemistry is undeniable as the trial ends and their lives intertwine. Astrid is thrust into the world of the supernatural when Thomas turns out to be a shifter. And his pack? More like a family. As the Beta, his life comes with responsibilities not easily understood by Astrid. Astrid is unsure what marrying Thomas will entail, as she becomes his bride.
Overwhelming. Terrifying and lonely. Life is hard for a mortal woman surrounded by the supernatural.
As secrets unravel and dangers surround them, can Astrid and Thomas find the courage to push through each disaster awaiting them?

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Straddling two countries, Canada and England, Victoria Gates has grown up with a strong sense of culture and family. Her wanderlust is a strong influence in her life and writing, as she travels and experiences the world, finding inspiration with every new place. Currently residing outside Halifax, NS, Canada, when she is not working, you can find her reading or writing with the company of her dogs.